Donations support the organization and provide for liability insurance, training materials, nonprofit operating expenses, ham radio related equipment that can be deployed in a disaster as well as badly needed ham radio equipment to be used for teaching of new Amateur Radio Operators and providing a location to explore all that is available to Amateur Radio Operators.

In addition your donation will help with operating expenses involved in storing and maintaining equipment and supplies.  No funds support organization officers or any individual member.  They all work for free by Volunteering their time.

Donations are tax deductible since we are classified as a 501(c)(3) charity.  You may donate by sending a check made out to the Audubon Amateur Radio Club at the address listed on our contact page or you may donate through the PayPal system by clicking on the DONATE below.

The Audubon Amateur Radio Club is also accepting Amateur Radio Equipment donations.

Anyone wishing to donate any Amateur Radio related equipment including radios, antennas, Coaxial cable, power supplies, amplifiers etc., we would be more than happy to accept your donation. We also accept computers, monitors, keyboards and laptops as well as LED TV’s.

Any donations made to the Audubon Amateur Radio Club maybe tax deductible. Donors will be responsible for valuing your donated equipment.  We will provide each donor with an acceptance and thank you letter, including our tax identification number.

Please use the contact us form below by leaving your name, email address, best phone number to reach you and in the comments please list all items you wish to donate.

If you are not sure what you are looking at and would like for us to come out and assist you with identifying radio related items, we would be more than glad to help you.

If you have had a family member who recently passed who was an Amateur Radio Operator and you would like to donate his/her equipment, we can assist in that area as well.