Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 at 7:00pm
Audubon Senior Center 247 Oakland Ave Audubon NJ 08106
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Amateur Radio Saves Lives !! Amateur Radio is active saving lives and reconnecting families in Peurto Rico, US Virgin Islands and numerous other countries in the Caribbean. Locally we support our communities through public service events, public education classes and giving back to our communities. Our motto is Serving Others Before Self.

Come out and learn more about amateur radio. Learn about what this great program has to offer the citizens of Audubon. I encourage all residents to get involved and support the Audubon Amateur Radio Club in any way you can. This is an invaluable service, offered right here in our town. Everyone is invited to attend as all of our meetings are open to the public. Bring a friend. Because of increasing memebership we are meeting in the Audubon Senior/Community Center 247 Oakland Ave Audubon NJ 08106 right next door to our club building.

Please contact us if plan on attending for VE Testing.
Saturday, November 11th, 2017 at 8:00am
Audubon Senior Center 247 Oakland Ave Audubon NJ 08106.
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2017 will go down as an historic year for Natural Disasters in which Hurricanes, Tornados, Wildfires, Earthquakes have ravaged our communities. These natural disasters did a number on many communities. Many lost everything including power, phone, cell phone, the way of life. The only lifeline many had was through Amateur Radio. When All Else Fails, Amateur Radio gets through. Now is the time for you and your family to get your license. It may just save your life someday.

Come learn the Art of Communications with Amateur Radio. Discover the magic of talking to stations all over the world. Come and learn how Amateur Radio Saves Lives When All Else Fails. Be a part of a program that prides itself in giving back to its community through a variety of Public Service Events. Learn how to use a radio, talk with other stations, program your radio, talk across the country using satellites in space, bounce your signal off the moon, skip your signal across continents to talk around the world. Perhaps you like to tinker with electronics and prefer hands on projects. Or perhaps you participate in STEAM at your school. We offer all the following school topics like geography, science, technology, engineering, art and math as well as meteorology and astronomy. All these topics play a big part in Amateur Radio.

Kids and Adults alike are welcome. We have no age limits. Parents and school age children are encouraged to particpate together. This hobby is a hobby best enjoyed with the whole family.

Make a difference in your community or another community supporting disasters and emergency communications. The skills you learn will prepare you for assisting the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, National Weather Service, FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. We even support our local Police, Fire and EMS as well as Office of Emergency Management. This is a great program to get kids involved and keep them occuped and out of trouble. We offer a variety of programs as well, such as radio sports and competitions. All are welcome to particpate.

Anyone intersted in attending should contact - Class Instructor Ron Small WB2OOB (215) 968-0967 or Rick Tighe N2PHI (856) 207-9610. Please confirm your attendance. We will need to have a confirmation of all attendees. You can also confirm by hitting attending under this event listing. But we will also need you to contact the instructor as well via phone or email.

FCC VE Testing will be offered on Sunday afternoon. Anyone wishing to take the Technician Class Test or any license class upgrades are welcome as well. Please contact Rick Tighe . RSVP required to ensure enough written tests are available.

The only fee for this course will be a $15.00 testing fee. Please bring two forms of ID and three pencils. Basic calculators are allowed. Scrap paper provided upon request. Children coming for testing must be accompanied by an adult.