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    Our goal for the radio club is to really focus in on helping our new hams while providing opportunities to get on the air. Our club is picking up speed with people joining. What I am ecstatic about is that many of them are either new hams or hams that don’t get on the air that often.

    We plan on changing that. We want to help you and teach either through lectures at our meetings, hands on opportunities through operating at events like the MS-150, Field Day or club sponsored special event stations. We also want to increase our teaching opportunities. I am working with a couple of our members to start an elmers class on Saturdays that can allow us to share knowledge in a relaxed environment. Now it can be any day of the week that our members agree too. We have the facility and space. Unfortunately right now we have no radio
    room but we are working on it. But it gives us the opportunity to bring our radio’s and equipment out for show and tell. And show new ham’s how to set up a station the right way. In time we hope to have radio room to use as a learning tool but it will take some time to work that out with our local town officials.

    In the meantime if you are interested in participating in this learning group, let us know. Email us at or see us at a meeting or tell us during our nets. Thanks and 73 de

    Rick N2PHI

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